“In the name of the life creator artist, who admires the beauty and is the most beautiful”



"Art is the most magnificent song of creation, transcendent story of love and the most fluent means of expression and communication."




          With sincere greetings to the sighted viewer and unknown friend who constantly revolves in the beautiful bases of the green lands of life, the speaker of these words, Alireza Sadaghdar, narrates the story of his life in brief:


I was born in Tehran, Iran on the 12th day of Amordad of 1322 (Iranian calendar), corresponding to the 3rd of August 1943. The love for painting started from my childhood. The encouragement of the dear teachers at Ohadi primary school guided me into seeing better and painting more. My secondary education was passed at Darolfonoon high school in Tehran, which is one of the culture and art centers and is a memorial of the knowledge and art lovers who lived in this territory. It was there that the eagerness of drawing and the love for painting persuaded me to work harder and I set up my first painting exhibition along with friends at the foregoing school in 1959.  

         After obtaining my diploma in the natural sciences, I planned to travel to Europe for the purpose of gaining more experience and familiarity with the European’s artistic views, which I had become familiar with through reading art books and magazines and watching artistic films and exhibitions. The problems with military service as well as the continuation of my studies in university obstructed the way and, after a few years, this passenger of the way of art was honored to receive a bachelor’s degree in financial affairs and after that, painting, working and building a family and… life continues: 


          "God's man plans ahead, not knowing the destiny,

                                                           not alike are the plan and the God's destiny"


         After many years of artistic life beside the non-artistic material, I have never allowed the flow of life to stop me from artistic efforts and I thank god for granting me the required determination to pass through this difficult path with love and fondness. Although "passing this stage was not possible without the companionship of Elias (Spiritual leader)."

         In this passage, to enhance my soul and spirit, I benefited from the kindness of the creator of beauties, revolving in the vast arena of existence and learning from the passengers of the way and the masters of knowledge, and to get prepared for showing and implementing my perceptions and insights, I looked deeply into the part and whole. I passed all shapes, colors, shadows and lights before my eyes and deeply researched into the works of the world’s past and contemporary painters and read and drew different styles and methods. I enjoyed the kind and graceful assistance of my parents and sincere relatives who were very fond of art, and benefited from the patronage of the contemporary masters of art such as Resam Arjangi, Mahmoud Oulia, Houshang Peyman and Mansour Abedini. After years of love, bearing, work and prowl, I reached the point where the lover of virtue and truth says:


         "Though heart researched a lot in this arena,

                                                           did not understand a bit, yet split iota

          Thousands of suns shone inside of my heart,

                                                           at last couldn’t reach to the perfection of a part"


         My paintings are mostly inspired by nature, cultural heritage, people’s living environment and sentimental selections, which were done in various styles by oil paint and acrylic, using brush and palette knife. So far, the paintings have participated in 

many national and some international exhibitions which, due to the kindness of enthusiastic friends, media and cultural and artistic centers, have been noticed and honored both verbally and in writing. To further acquaint people with my paintings, a number of albums and over 60 postcards have been published from my recent artwork. To thank God’s mercy and as the tradition of the past, it has been many years

that I have been teaching what I have learned and experienced to interested people, among whom, some succeeded in passing stages of progression with hard work and have successfully set up exhibitions both in Iran and abroad. Many years have come and passed during which I saw and drew from inside and out, and the outcome of these years, which have been drawn mostly on canvas, are in possession of the art lovers in Iran and other parts of the world. Today’s people know me with the presented works. There are still, however, many unseen drawings and feelings and inspirations yet to be drawn, which, I hope to materialize upon gaining the time and strength from the symbol of beauties. From the beginning to the end, I thank the God who created the art, my kind parents, my dear wife and children who provided me with the opportunity to work, my respected masters, my students who are full of sense and art and all of those who helped and accompanied me in this way.

With love and friendship,

Alireza Sadaghdar

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