In the Name of the Increate Immanent

We have come to visit the passengers of a path, who don't buy the satin cassock of the artless for half a grain, yet follow the admired passengers of the way of knowledge and perfection from the boundary of naught  to the land of existence.

By salutation to the lovelorn of the school of knowledge and truth, we have come to welcome the acquaintances who explore the house of love and guard the frontage of the friend. We have come to appreciate them for the motivation of the contemporary art being social, the pain familiarity of the artists and their sincere attention to the social and national issues and the difficulties of today's societies, and admire these sincere explorers of the contemporary art with a greeting in their immanent wisdom, the peculiar serenity of their novel paintings and the creation of their harmonic implications.

Today, we came to visit the creator of the "Dialog Among Civilizations" and many other magnificent paintings.

We came to observe Mr. Sadaghdar's everlasting artworks on the heights of canvas.

The Patrons of Culture and Art of Iran Association, with a thank from the heart, appreciates this master, who in the "Dialog Among Civilizations" painting, has indicated and shown the peculiar aspects of the millenary cultures of the ancient Iran, Egypt, Athena and Rome civilizations.

We wish salvation and increasing success for this servant of the art and painting.

And dedicate this letter of acknowledgment to him as a sign of appreciation for his transcendental art.

Signed by: Managing Committee of the Patrons of Culture and Art of Iran Association


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